We fight unhealthy air, even on compact machines. The streamlined design makes the BMair F33-R extremely suitable for mounting on the cabin roof.

Installing a protective ventilation system isn't always straightforward, especially when a machine's deck is cluttered with various components or lacks sufficient space, such as a small or non-existent fender. Making compromises in the capacity of a BMAir system like the MAO-3CG? That's not an option! Our engineers have developed the F33-R rooftop unit to maintain excellence. In fact, the system can be deployed in the most severe contaminations.

A HEPA package or a package consisting of a HEPA-10 kg activated carbon filter is all possible in this protective ventilation system. This depends on the contamination the machine operates. During routine tasks, machine operators often find themselves consistently exposed to those hazardous substances and vapours. Protection in this environment is non-negotiable, prioritize health for now and in the future.


F4000 Control

Monitoring safety within the cabin is equally crucial. Merely hearing a system running doesn't assure functionality. That's why the F33-R includes a BMair F4000 control as standard.

All real-time data can be read clearly on the high resolution LCD display and keeps the protective ventilation system running automatically with a minimum pressure of 100 Pascals as standard. The PAC Smart Control triggers an immediate alert in case of danger. In fact, a minimum 100Pa ensures protection even in strong winds. Don't settle for less, or risk potential exposure to pollution once again.

With fully automatic filter communication and intuitive operation, the operator can easily see on the display which type of filters are installed and how many hours these will theoretically last. In the event of requiring a new filter package or sharing other critical information, the operator can effortlessly scan a QR code to notify a safety manager, for instance. Events are continuously monitored and securely stored in the data logging module.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the combination of BMair's F33-R and F4000 Control is one of the most powerful roof-solutions available. It adheres to all conceivable guidelines, ensuring top-notch performance. In fact, this protective ventilation system operates with far greater efficiency and effectiveness compared to all OEM machine filter systems.

Technical data F33-R
28kg without filters
715 x 665 x 235mm (LxIxH)
Air output
Nominally 40-120m³ per hour
Possible with 10 kg active carbon filter
Dust filtering
Self-cleaning HEPA filter (P1/G3-P3/H13)
24/12 Volts
Max. power consumption
12 or 15 Ampere
mounting material
Stainless steel
Powder coated
3 to 10
Hinged lid
Multiple discharge options
Separate compartment filters harmful substances
Mounting position
Horizontally and vertically
RfiD Filter Recognition

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