Various substances are released during demolition work. Some are harmless, while others are hazardous and even extremely toxic. When you work with insufficient protection and particles are released, you expose yourself un-necessarily to these hazards:

Hazardous substances in demolition

Every sector has its own hazardous substances. That is why BMAir offers special systems and filters for various sectors.


Quartz can be found in sand and in the most natural rocks and thus in may building materials. Quartz is a very fine substance that is not or hardly visible. It consists of very small insoluble dust particles that end up deep in the lungs. There it can create connective tissue, which is called pulmonary fibrosis or brown lung disease. Quartz is carcinogenic; exposure to quartz can cause lung cancer.


There is a high risk of exposure to asbestos when demolishing buildings that were built before 1 July 1993. The most common applications of asbestos were cement-asbestos (corrugated sheets, building material, water pipes), asbestos insulation (ovens, boilers, pipes) and asbestos packaging (industry). Due to the durability of asbestos fibres in the lungs, very serious lung diseases, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma, can manifest 10 to 60 years after breathing in asbestos fibres. (Source: AI-3 Asbestos).


During or after a fire, there is a risk of exposure to soot, carbon monoxide, acetic acid and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) that have been proven to be carcinogenic. These can also lead to stress and headaches, nausea, irritation of the eyes and throat, shortness of breath and fatigue. They can also cause respiratory problems and cardiovascular disorders.

Airways and eyes are irritated, or even worse. In addition, the equipment in the cabin is also affected. Prevent problems and ensure filtered air for machine operators, demolition work does not have to strain your body.


BMair’s recommendation

Are you or your employees working in this polluted environments? Put a halt to it and become a game-changer! Equip your machines with one of the protective ventilation systems listed below and bid farewell to the toxic dust particles in the cabin and potential health hazards down the road.


BMair MAO-3 Cab Guard

Specially designed for the increasing demand for compact and smart systems. Under the modern, robust, plastic housing is a uniquely shaped self-cleaning HEPA filter with incomparable capacity.

✔  Suitable for deck / fender mounting
✔  For standard & heavy workplace conditions


BMair F20

Compact, powerful and suitable for practically every construction machine. Despite its compact design, the F20 is characterised by its high HEPA filtration capacity.

✔  Suitable for deck / fender mounting
✔  For standard / heavy dusty workplace conditions


BMair F33-R

With its streamlined design and compact height, this system is exceptionally suitable for roof installations, without compromising on capacity.

✔  Suitable for roof mounting
✔  For standard & heavy workplace conditions

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