About BMair

As the market leader in Europe, we have the responsibility to redefine air purification.

Why we pioneer to not only meet, but challenge global standards. So we create a better and cleaner future together. Guarding any compromises on health.



Following multiple mergers with for example Amberg from Germany and Freshfilter from the Netherlands, we've united our strengths.

This isn't just for show. We genuinely care about the health of every operator worldwide! Through this merger, we're poised to introduce groundbreaking developments in the market. This has resulted in a comprehensive team of R&D and engineers striving for the most optimal results. Our expertise lies specifically in the field of protective ventilation systems, where both hardware and software have been developed entirely in-house. Our patented and proven functionality is unmatched in the market.

Throughout the world, we have various dealers who, like our technicians, are experienced and trained in installing and maintaining protective ventilation systems. Find your dealer here.