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Systems and filters for maximum protection

Clean cabin air for every machine operator

Prevent serious health risks

Composting plants and biomass processors accept large quantities of organic waste on a daily basis. When processing organic waste, machine drivers and operators are exposed to large quantities of hazardous gases, vapours and fungi. Contact with these substances, through the airways or even the pores in the skin, can lead to serious health problems. The company and the machine operators should want to prevent this at all times.

BMAir develops and installs special pressurised filter systems for composting companies and the machines they use. Our systems provide machine operators with maximally purified cabin air.

Hazardous substances in composting

Every sector has its own hazardous substances. That is why BMAir offers special systems and filters for various sectors.


The presence of nitrogen in the form of fertiliser leads to substantially higher formation of ammonia during the composting process. People suffer from ammonia because the smell is very pungent. When people breathe in a lot of ammonia in a short time, it can affect the mucous membrane and the respiratory organs, among others. It can also be very irritatable on the eyes.

Biological agents

Biological agents are a collective name for particles in the air that contain bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeast, also known as micro-organisms. People are mostly exposed to biological agents through the skin and by breathing dust. Biological agents should therefore not be present in the breathing zone. When the dust comes in contact with the skin it can cause skin infections and eczema.

Hydrogen sulphide

This is a toxic gas with a pungent smell similar to the smell of rotten eggs. This identifying characteristic can only be perceived by people when the gas is present in low concentrations. Physical complaints: fatigue, sleepiness, irritation of the eyes, inflammation and irritation of the respiratory organs. High concentrations can even lead to pain in the nose and/or bleeding, the human olfactory organ is paralysed preventing the perception of smells and can cause pulmonary embolism with fatal consequences.

Our systems and filters

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Operators of construction machines worldwide breathe the cleanest air possible with our systems, even in the most polluted work environments.

Choosing BMAir

Optimized protection

We impose high quality and safety requirements on our suppliers, employees and distributors; only this way do our products retain their excellent reputation.

Full service

If you purchase a system from BMAir then we can provide the installation, the filter changes and the maintenance for you. You can also rely on our inspections or customised solutions.

Sustainable solutions

Corporate social responsibility is all about the balance between people, planet and profit. With 25 years of innovation BMAir takes care of your most important capital, your staff.

Superior patented technology

Use of superior technologies established in various patents. As market leader, we want to offer, apart from the safest, also the best solutions.