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Meet the ISO23875 International Standard for safety goals

Certification for the mining industry

Standards around cab air quality

Introduction of ISO23875 for safety goals

Safety is of concern to all who are involved in owning, developing, managing, and working in contaminated environments. Even basic activities can generate airborne particulates and gases which are (in the long term) hazardous to human health. Well-designed Protective Ventilation Systems can guarantee the health of these operators.

Several countries are already regulating air quality in construction, waste and industrial environments with their own regulations like the UK's AG7 HSE, German DGUV-I-201-004, French ED 6228 and Dutch CROW P400 but with an increased focus on cabin air quality, new European and even worldwide standards will be developed to define design and performance requirements , testing methods, maintenance and operation instructions.

One of the latest developments is the ISO23875 for the mining industry. BMAir Protective Ventilation Systems meets and exceeds these standards to ensure our users that they are working in accordance with these regulations.

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