The streamlined design makes the BMAir MAO-6HC extremely suitable for mounting on the cabin roof. Nevertheless, the compactness of the system does not come at the expense of its capacity.

40kg without filters
828x725x255mm (LxBxH)
Air output:
nominally 40-120m³ per hour
possible with 10 kg active carbon filter
  • Optimized protection
  • Full service
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Superior patented technology


The streamlined design and modest dimensions make the BMAir MAO-6HC extremely suitable for mounting on the cabin roof. Nevertheless, the compactness of the system does not come at the expense of its capacity.

The MAO-6HC comes standard with the new PAC Smart Control. All data can be read clearly on the 3.5’ high resolution LCD display. With fully automatic filter communication and intuitive operation, the operator can easily send all relevant information via QR code with their own smartphone to the safety manager, project manager or employer. Filter types, serial numbers and events are continuously monitored and securely stored in the standard datalogging module. The PAC Smart Control is IoT ready, which also allows real-time data transfer.

The BMAir control system regulates the pressure in the cabin automatically and has patented filter recognition. The display of the system indicates when the Combifilter needs to be replaced. With the exception of replacing the filters, the system is completely maintenance free.

Naturally, the filtering function of all systems and filters are tested in an external laboratory. In addition, we comply with the EMC guidelines; these tests are carried out independently.

With the new generation of BMAir products, you can manage your supply of filtered cabin air without difficulty or worry!

Patents used for the BMAir MAO-6HC

Filter recognition:
Thanks to communication by means of patented filter recognition, the machine operator or safety expert can easily see on the display which type of filters are installed and how many hours these will theoretically last. This means it is no longer necessary to manually open the pressurised filter system, which reduces the risk of contact with pollutants and/or toxic substances to a minimum.

The MAO-6HC in a nutshell

  • Streamlined design for mounting on the roof
  • High efficiency and capacity
  • Longlife brushless digital fan motor
  • Filter information and hour readings through proven RFID
  • Extra filters for specific sectors can be added to the system
  • Maintenance free
  • Includes a BMAir control system

Additional information


40kg without filters


828x725x255mm (LxBxH)

Air output

nominally 40-120m³ per hour


possible with 10 kg active carbon filter

Dust filtering

possible with 2x dust filter (P1/P3)


24/12 Volts

Max. power consumption

5/8 Ampere


mounting material


Zincor and plastic


Powder coated


3 to 10

Hinged lid


Coarse filter


Multiple discharge options


Coarse-meshed pre-filter


Separate compartment filters harmful substances


Can be mounted horizontally/vertically


Patented RfiD Filter Recognition


Suitable for roof mounting


Suitable for deck and mudguard mounting


Patented self-cleaning pre-filter


Workplace conditions

Standard, Heavy

Construction machine

Excavator, Wheel loader, Forklift truck, Tractor

Our systems are delivered with controllers to be used in the cabins. This way, the machine operator has more protection during work activities in polluted environments. The system, being a protection device, warns the machine operator when caution is called for. You can choose between a standard model and a more customisable model with additional functions.

PAC Controller
Plug & Play
Automatic start-up
On/off switch
Automatic overpressure control
Interval 50 sec. when the door is open
Overpressure value visible on display
Acoustic + optical signal
LED Filter saturation
Display filter is provided
Hours of filter usage on display
Filter placed shown on display
Hydrocarbon sensor PPM level readable
Programmable PPM alarm settings
Multiple sensors installable
Data logging
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Our pressurised filter systems can be equipped with various filters. For extra comfort and convenience, we offer combifilters that provide protection against specific substances and vapours or gases, depending on the nature of the work activities and the concentration of the polluted substances in the hazardous work environment. The combifilters are always equipped with a P1 coarse dust filter, a P3 H13 HEPA toxic particulate filter and, if desired, an advanced carbon filter. The active carbon filter is constructed together with experienced chemists and has a very high absorption and filtration effect.

Art. number Description Type filter Offers protection against


Hydrogen sulfide and Ammonia


Vapours such as H2S and ammonia. (caution: not for use with cyanides such as HCN)

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Cocktail of toxic substances


Vapours from cocktail of toxic substances. In accordance with EN14387

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Vapours from waste and composting such as spores, bacteria, viruses, organic and ammonia.

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Toxic particulate matter, asbestos silica dust and heavy metals. Efficiency> 99.95%

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Vapours from dredging spoil such as bacteria, toxic particulate matter, heavy metals and H2S.

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Vapours from solvents and hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel)

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Customised filter?

We develop all our filters in collaboration with professional suppliers. We are happy to help you develop a special customised filter for maximum protection during specific work activities. We regularly deal with bespoke work, so feel free to contact us.