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About BMAir

Lifesaving applications without compromise

Facilitating health is our goal

Every minute of every working day

In their work environment—a small cabin—machine operators and drivers are exposed to large quantities of hazardous substances on a daily basis. That is, if they don’t have the proper protection.

For 25 years, our goal has been to provide them with the cleanest air possible at all times, every minute and every second of their workday. We never compromise when it comes to breathing air; after all, it is our human right.

You don’t become a market leader overnight

Integrity is our top priority

The integrity of us as an organisation depends on the quality of our products.
Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that our pressurised filter systems are of the highest standard. Only then can we achieve our goals: “the cleanest air possible for every machine operator who works in a polluted (mobile) work environment”.

As the market leader in the pressurised filter systems market, we are getting closer to our objective every day. Many operators are already working with our pressurised filter systems.

Yet, there is still a long way to go. Too many employers, commissioning parties and machine operators can be light-hearted about the long term health risks. A good protection should be common practice.

Innovation and passion

Also for bespoke customised work

We use our knowledge and enthusiasm daily to develop even better systems and filters. The collaboration with partners from various sectors provides innovative solutions that we share and make available. Are you looking for a customised filter or solution? We regularly deal with bespoke customised work. We are happy to work along with you.