BMAir F33-R

Due to the merger of Freshfilter and BMAir, the F33-R is now available. The F33-R is Freshfilter’s rooftop unit, which, despite its limited height, can be deployed in all types of pollution scenarios.

715x665x235mm (LxWH)
Air output:
nominally 40-120m³ per hour
Dust filtering:
possible with 2x dust filter (P1/P3)
24/12 Volts
  • Optimized protection
  • Full service
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Superior patented technology


The streamlined design and modest height make the BMAir F33-R ideal for mounting on roofs. However, the compactness of the system does not compromise its capacity.

The F33 comes standard with a P1 and P3 dust filter, with the option to add a 10 kg activated carbon filter. This rooftop solution features the same filter composition as the F33, so you’ll have the same type of filters for deck or rooftop installations. The UV-resistant ABS hood on the F33-R can be easily opened thanks to the tilting system. When replacing filters, the hood does not need to be disassembled, allowing the technician to safely replace the filters on the roof of the vehicle/machine.

The BMAir control system automatically regulates the pressure in the cabin and warns the operator of potential danger. Naturally, all systems and filters have been tested for their filtering effectiveness in an external laboratory. As a worldwide market leader and trendsetter in filter pressurization systems, we guarantee compliance with legal health and safety guidelines. However, compliance alone is not enough for us; we are happy to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and health of operators down to the smallest detail.

The F33-R in a nutshell

  • Aerodynamic hood
  • Stainless steel base
  • Standard equipped with P1 and P3 dust filters
  • Expandable with an extra carbon filter for specific sectors
  • Includes F4000 control system
  • Maintenance-free
  • Certified

Additional information


715x665x235mm (LxWH)

Air output

nominally 40-120m³ per hour

Dust filtering

possible with 2x dust filter (P1/P3)


24/12 Volts


mounting material


Stainless steel


Powder coated

Hinged lid


Coarse filter

Yes (integrated)

Multiple discharge options


Separate compartment filters harmful substances


Can be mounted horizontally/vertically


Suitable for roof mounting


Suitable for deck and mudguard mounting


Patented self-cleaning pre-filter


Workplace conditions

Heavy, Extreme

Construction machine

Excavator, Wheel loader, Forklift truck, Tractor

Our systems are delivered with controllers to be used in the cabins. This way, the machine operator has more protection during work activities in polluted environments. The system, being a protection device, warns the machine operator when caution is called for. You can choose between a standard model and a more customisable model with additional functions.

Plug & Play
Automatic start-up
On/off switch
Automatic overpressure control
Overpressure value visible on display
Acoustic + optical signal
LED Filter saturation
Hours of filter usage on display
Filter placed shown on display
Filter time programmable
LCD touchsscreen display
Data logging