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Mining machine operators are automatically exposed to lots of dust. Many substances are relatively harmless in small quantities. However, in large quantities these substances can be dangerous. In addition, substances such as quartz (respirable silica) are always dangerous. Quartz particles are super fine, nearly invisible and can penetrate deep into the lungs. The long-term consequences of this are often serious and even life threatening. Protracted contact moments are a major health risk. A risk machine operators should not be exposed to. And they don’t need to be... because BMAir develops systems and filters that reduce this risk to a minimum. From now on, mining machine operators will breathe only purified air thanks to our installations.

Hazardous substances in mining

Every sector has its own hazardous substances. That is why BMAir offers every sector special systems and filters.


The exhaust fumes of diesel engines are called diesel motor emission (DME) The term diesel smoke is also often used. DME contains fumes and particulate matter (soot). The ultra-fine particulate matter contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are carcinogenic.


Quartz can be found in sand and in the most natural rocks and thus in many building materials. Quartz is a very fine substance that is not or hardly visible. It consists of very small insoluble dust particles that end up deep in the lungs. There it can create connective tissue, which is called pulmonary fibrosis or brown lung disease. Quartz is carcinogenic; exposure to quartz can cause lung cancer.


Poor ventilation underground can cause direct shortage of oxygen. Insufficient oxygen means that there is less than 18% volume of oxygen; usually, air contains 21% volume of oxygen. Without any prior symptoms, people become dizzy and lose consciousness when the concentration of oxygen is less than 10%. A rapid result of oxygen shortage is brain damage followed by death within several minutes, unless a person is resuscitated.

Our systems and filters

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Renowned worldwide

Operators of construction machines worldwide breathe the cleanest air possible with our systems, even in the most polluted work environments.

Choosing BMAir

Optimale bescherming

We impose high quality and safety requirements on our suppliers, employees and distributors; only this way do our products retain their excellent reputation.

Full service

If you purchase a system from BMAir then we can provide the installation, the filter changes and the maintenance for you. You can also rely on our inspections or customised solutions.

Sustainable solutions

Corporate social responsibility is all about the balance between people, planet and profit. With 25 years of innovation BMAir takes care of your most important capital, your staff.

Superior patented technology

Use of superior technologies established in various patents. As market leader, we want to offer, apart from the safest, also the best solutions.