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MAO-3 Cab Guard & PAC Smart Control

The new generation of BMAir products

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BMAir MAO-03 Cab Guard

Compact, smart and incomparable

New in the BMAir collection are the MAO-3 Cab Guard with PAC Smart Control. Specially designed for the increasing demand for compact and smart systems. Under the modern, robust, plastic housing is a uniquely shaped self-cleaning HEPA filter with incomparable capacity. A compact, full carbon filter can also be installed within this unique concept. The new dimensions generate a filter contact time that is superior to the current products in the market. Hazardous substances and vapors do not stand a chance!

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Easy mounting due to compact base plate
Robust plastic finish
Self-cleaning angleless HEPA filter
Full-fledged integral carbon filter with high contact time
Filter information and hour readings through proven RFID
Longlife brushless digital fan motor
Durable stainless steel chassis
Easy to install high-quality sensitivity air quality sensor
IoT ready, prepared for the real-time future
Easy operation
Maximum security through integrated data logging
Easy to read colour screen with automatic day, night mode
Maintenance messages with QR code generator
Wide data possibilities through digital Rx / Tx connection

PAC Smart Control

Advanced but simple

The MAO-3 Cab Guard comes standard with the new PAC Smart Control. All data can be read clearly on the 3.5' high resolution LCD display. With fully automatic filter communication and intuitive operation, the operator can easily send all relevant information via QR code with their own smartphone to the safety manager, project manager or employer. Filter types, serial numbers and events are continuously monitored and securely stored in the standard datalogging module. The PAC Smart Control is IoT ready, which also allows real-time data transfer. With the new generation of BMAir products, you can manage your supply of filtered cabin air without difficulty or worry!

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"Besides simply ordering filters, it is also easy to forward system information and events."

Discover our new MAO 3 and PAC Controller

MAO-3 Cab Guard Combifilters

Various combifilters can be ordered for the MAO-3 Cab Guard. View our range of active carbon combinations and the filter against toxic particulate matter.

Benzene P1-P3/H13-A 125310
Vapours from solvents and hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel)

Dredger P1-P3/H13-ABE 125340
Vapours from dredging spoil such as bacteria, toxic particulate matter, heavy metals and H2S.

ABE/K P1-P3/H13-ABE-K 125345
Vapours such as H2S and ammonia. (caution: not for use with cyanides such as HCN)

ABEK P1-P3/H13-ABEK 125350
Vapours from cocktail of toxic substances. In accordance with EN14387

Ammonia/GFT P1-P3/H13-A-K 125360
Vapours from waste and composting such as spores, bacteria, viruses, organic and ammonia.

AX P1-P3/H13-A-AX 125370
Vapours from solvents and hydrocarbons with boilingpoint < 65°C

Asbestos P1-P3/H13 125320
Toxic particulate matter, asbestos silica dust and heavy metals. Efficiency> 99.95%

Facilitating health is our goal

For 25 years, our goal has been to provide them with the cleanest air possible at all times, every minute and every second of their workday. We never compromise when it comes to breathing air; after all, it is our human right.

"The integrity of us as an organisation depends on the quality of our products.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that our pressurised filter systems are of the highest standard. Only then can we achieve our goals: “the cleanest air possible for every machine operator who works in a polluted (mobile) work environment”."

As the market leader in the pressurised filter systems market, we are getting closer to our objective every day. Many operators are already working with our pressurised filter systems.
Yet, there is still a long way to go. Too many employers, commissioning parties and machine operators can be light-hearted about the long term health risks. A good protection should be common practice.

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Choosing BMAir

Optimized protection

We impose high quality and safety requirements on our suppliers, employees and distributors; only this way do our products retain their excellent reputation.

Full service

If you purchase a system from BMAir then we can provide the installation, the filter changes and the maintenance for you. You can also rely on our inspections or customised solutions.

Sustainable solutions

Corporate social responsibility is all about the balance between people, planet and profit. With 25 years of innovation BMAir takes care of your most important capital, your staff.

Superior patented technology

Use of superior technologies established in various patents. As market leader, we want to offer, apart from the safest, also the best solutions.